The Final Flight

A poem that I wrote in 2008. I eventually integrated it into a short story that I will post at a later date.

Turbulence breaks

The Silence.

Some fellow down the row

Splutters and laughs.

A child screams.


The pilot steps out

From the cockpit.

His head hangs.


“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”


Silence is installed again.


A precious smile breaks over my face.


“Why are you smiling?”

A small voice whispers inside.


“Everyone is wondering about

The people they will miss,

They question motives,

Pray for forgiveness–”


“Why are you smiling?”

The overweight man next to me asks.


“If we had been told when we took off

That we were to die,

No one would have stepped on board.


By accepting at any second we could,

Then this suddenly seems like a suicidal choice.”


“Why are you smiling?”

That voice anxiously whispers again.


“By being,

We are all just wishing for death,

But when we suddenly do,

We fear and turn into



“And the smile?!?”

The sweaty victim screeches.


“I am afraid.”




Cold streaks of endless sunlight
Working towards being warm and comforting.
Disassociate all creativity from creation,
What a miserable crime indeed.

Still air against mountain drops
Flowers that hold no dew and draw from the Earth.
The creativity in creation,
What a goal to reach.

An untangled spider-web
Holds it’s master in balance,
How perfect is creativity in this;
As functional as it is beautiful.

The great mystery is not mysterious
To those who would see more than just the beauty:
That all this beauty functions to
Reveal the One who is the most beautiful of all.



There are things given
And much more taken.

I’ll pretend the breath I hold
Is something that I worked for
And deserve.

The cold on my skin
Doesn’t kill me.
It doesn’t even make me feel more alive.
I am simply alive.

This is so much more than a simple fact
I am held and sustained
For a single purpose.

I am blessed in relationship
To be a blessing in relationship.